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Attention to detail allows us to deliver products which exceeds our customers’ expectations.
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Our Feeding Chain out performs all other competitors, across the globe.
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Feed Chain Industries (FCI) was established in the year 2015, and is the most reliable Poultry Feed conveyor system.

This is where you will find the supplier for the worlds strongest flat poultry feeder chain. FCI’s Feeding Chain out performs all other competitors’ Feeding Chain worldwide and the reason for our slogan, BENCHMARK QUALITY, GUARANTEED! If you don’t find all the necessary information here, please contact us for more detailed information and technical queries. We pay great attention to the quality of our chain and customer service.


To be recognised for supplying the finest quality Flat Feeder Chain at consistently competitive market prices and to provide a level of service which exceeds expectations and establishes FCI as the First Choice Flat Feeder Chain Supplier for Poultry Feeding Equipment across the globe.


Strive to continually improve our products.

Provide top quality products which exceeds our customers' expectations.

Enhance our service to our customers.


Have motivated and competent employees throughtout our organisation.

Provide tools, training and opportunity for all employees to develop in their careers and as individuals.

Maximise productivity across the board.

Always show fairness and intergrity in all our dealings and treat people with respect.


Our dedicated core team allows us to produce the benchmark quality we are known for.

Chris Kurtz - Managing Director, Founder

Founder, Mr Chris Kurtz,  from an Engineering background, was FCI’s first and only employee for the first year of the companies’ existence while developing the FCI Poultry Feeder Chain product.

Clyde van Wyk - Operations

Responsible for keeping stock of necessary inputs for production activities. Please contact Clyde with your offers!

Dorinda Opperman - Logistics and Administration

Dorinda is in charge of handling our exports, accounts and other administration. She is super friendly and efficient, so don’t be shy about getting touch.

James Aylward - Production Supervisor and Maintenance

James is our extremely experienced supervisor, and in charge of keeping all of the machinery running as smoothly as possible. There is little he doesn’t know and always makes plan!


FCI’s Feeding Chain out performs all other competitors’ Feeding Chain worldwide, hence our slogan: BENCHMARK QUALITY, GUARANTEED!


  • Width of FCI Chain: 70 mm
  • Pitch of FCI Chain: 42,40 mm
  • Steel thickness: 2,5  mm
  • Steel hardness: 48 to 50 HRc
  • Chain Ultimate Tensile Strength: 15 kN (±1500 kg Force)


  • Length of each FCI Chain roll: 10 m
  • Amount of links per 10 meter roll: 236 links
  • Amount of 10 meter Rolls per pallet: 108 rolls
  • Meters per pallet: 1080 m
  • Pallets per 20ft container: 20 pallets
  • Total Meters per 20ft container: 21600 m
  • Weight of the goods per 20ft container: 23760 kg


We are always working on new products to add to our product range.

Coming Soon!


We pay great attention to the quality of our chain and our customer service, and currently export to over 20 countries!

– Proven to convey more feed/minute and feed/meter than any competitor’s feeder chain.
– Save on energy and promote bird growth.
– Proven to be stronger than any competitor’s feed chain.
– Average of 18kN Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) during destructive tests.
No stretching or elongation after installation.
– Proven to be the most rigid feed chain on the market.
Save on maintenance and labour costs by not having to re-tension the feed chain after installation.
– The most reliable feed chain: No chain breakages to date.


Our customer service team can help you find exactly what you need, as well as provide advice on delivery options.

Since it’s establishment in 2015, Feed Chain Industries (FCI) has been supplying industry leading Flat Poultry Feed Chain to happy clients across the globe.

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